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Wedding Security

Allowing for an enjoyable experience for all guests. 

Violet Employee On Boarding Professional

Operating evenings and 24Hrs

Uniformed, professional and trained guards

Violet Employee On Boarding Professional

Dedicated Customer Service

Professional and proactive approach  

Every couple deserves a perfect wedding, put in place safeguards to make sure your wedding goes to plan.

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Residential Security

Security at your house whilst you enjoy your big day

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We operate in a discrete yet vigilant way – making sure that the day goes as planned and that everyone enjoys themselves.

We will create a tailored security package that meets your specific requirements – whether that’s directing guests and access control, first-aid and evacuation planning or situation management and emergency service liaison. 

Our priority is to ensure your wedding runs as smoothly as possible. 


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experience in providing 


wedding security

We have extensive experience in providing comprehensive wedding security. Our highly-trained security officers are experts when it comes to protecting valuables, keeping out and removing anyone not on the guest list, diffusing dangerous situations and providing a rapid response to any emergencies on the day. 




security, keeping your home safe

You can choose your choice of residential security uniform, your private security requirement is tailored made to your requirements. Our residential security guards can fit it or stand out, we can supply residential security guards and security guard and dog units, to patrol your private estate, day, night or both.

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